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Family Turkey Hunting - Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and more!

I am the good looking one and the young one is my son, Dylan. Dylan and I split up in the morning. I shot mine about 7:15 and we kept hunting until 9:30. We went back to the truck got water and nutty bars then headed back out at 10:30. We raised 2 birds and set up on one. He was circling us so we changed positions as he was coming through the woods. I never saw him, but when I looked over my left shoulder we had a strutter in the decoys in the field. The other one came from 400 yards across the field. After throwing sticks at Dylan he turned and saw the other one in the field. He turned on him and shot it at 20 yards. Time was about 11:15.

Family Turkey Hunting - Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and more!

Father and Son; Sean and Taylor

The other pictures are of me and my son Taylor. On our reserved farm, the time of harvest was 7 am. We walked into our section with a bird gobbling in an adjacent section. We set up a blind and called to the bird for 20 min or so and he finally flew down. After another 10 min we saw him come over the hill gobbling and strutting all the way. He came within 60 yards and circled then poked his head over the rise and eyeballed us for a good 5 min. He started to walk off and I fired him up again and he poked his head over 30 yards to the right for another 5 minutes. He started to walk away again so I mixed up friction calls with mouth calls. Fired him up again, and he came all the way over the rise. He walked within 20 yards and Taylor slid the gun out one window as I watched out the other. He was using a "20GA." ONE SHOT! This was his first turkey.

Family Turkey Hunting - Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and more!

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