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"One Step Forward Pheasant Hunting Kansas"

Kansas Pheasant Hunting

After only two trips to South Dakota, I can't help but believe the state has it in for me! Last year I made the trip with an HSP group on opening day of the pheasant season. The number of pheasants was incredible. The problem was that the corn was NOT harvested! For the first time in over 20 years, around 90 percent of the corn was still in the fields. This was due to extended rain-fall. Of course any pheasant hunter worth his salt knows that trying to hunt pheasants in standing corn is quite a challenge, too much for this old guy, and his old dog!

So this year, we waited an extra week, and decided early on to stay a full 5 days. The pheasant population was estimated to be a bit above the normal average. Still, finding a motel close to the area we planned to hunt was quite an undertaking. Advance planning is a must, especially during the first two weeks. This group consisted of 4 club members, Dan, Brian, Fred and Dave. Fred drove separately and planned to leave early. We had Brian's extended cab pickup and pulled a trailer. One dog-box was in the back of the pickup, the other dog-box on the trailer, with plenty of room for equipment. We had 8 dogs with us, 4 English Pointers...

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"What's New in Upland"

Upland Bird Hunting Lease

Let's put a close eyeball on what upland hunters are facing this season and then take a look at some of HSP's leased farm properties. To simplify, let's look at South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas, since these three states offer the best potential this season...

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"Well, It's a Start!"

Pheasant Hunting Missouri

Little did I know what I faced on this November 1, 2008. I knew these facts - Pheasant season opened also in Kansas for the first time on November 1. Duck season opened at the pits today (middle zone MO). Youth Gun opened in Missouri, while Pheasant/Quail opened in Iowa...

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