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"Waterfowl 2010 Outlook"

Private Snow Goose Hunting Lease Missouri

Waterfowl hunters' wishes came true this year when Missouri got more rain, but it backfired, damaging wetlands and reducing the availability of food that might induce ducks and geese to linger in the Show-Me State.

"You need water for good duck habitat," said Resource Scientist Andy Raedeke, "but this year much of this rain came at the wrong time. One bright spot is that floods at this time of year do provide more habitat for wading birds and migrating shorebirds."

Additionally, hunters are not getting particularly good news about waterfowl numbers. Raedeke notes that while this year's fall flight forecast remains above the long-term average for many ducks and geese, many are down from last year.

The 2008 fall, central flyway flight estimate of 37.3 million ducks is down 9 percent from last year and 11 percent "above" the long-term (1959-2007) average. Estimated numbers of mallards, scaup, blue-winged teal, green-winged teal and redheads, were similar to last year. However, wigeon numbers declined by...

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"First Goose for Zachary"

Goose Hunting Private Lease

Today started off like most any other hunting morning, get up at 4am, be on the road by 4:30 am, drive 1 hour, get to your destination and start getting excited and then it happened... my phone started to ring and I thought, "who in the heck is calling me at 530 AM?". I saw it...

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"Late Season Honkers 2010"

Waterfowl Lease in Kansas and Missouri

Members Dave and Frank headed to "The Pits" in late January, expecting the Canada geese to be using the open water at the Kansas La Cygne Lake power plant. Our expectations were beyond our wildest dreams! Canada geese were thick and populated the entire area...

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