Sun, Jun 26th, 2022

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"Pits in the Wind"

Missouri Duck Hunting

Dave and Tom, HSP members, found themselves facing 40 MPH south winds, with gusts to 50 MPH!

We selected pond 2, being we had two blinds to choose from and took the far southeast blind as the wind was to our backs.

Setting out the decoys was difficult enough. The water level was extremely low, exposing the mud flats causing each step to add another coating of mud! After five steps each foot weighed ten pounds! Well, it felt that way.

We expected the wind, but hardly expected the 50 MPH gusts. With a weather front moving through and rain expected later in the evening, we hoped the ducks and geese would be headed south.

We guessed right on the ducks, but strangely the geese were no shows. It seemed like every fifteen minutes or so, we worked a flock of ducks. Due to the exposed mud flats the blind was too obvious and most of the bigger flocks flared away just as they came in gun range. It is always amazing to me how quickly (two or three seconds), waterfowl can become out of shotgun range.

We ended up with...

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"Farewell, Fay"

Waterfowling at the Pits

Fay was the fifth hunting dog to bless this family. We had her for nearly 13 years, but sadly the last couple showed her health declining. She was totally deaf, had a non-cancerous infestation of moles all over her body. Hip dysplasia and a fear of fireworks or thunder (visual and or vibrations), rounded out her ailments. Fay's hip problems, was by far the most serious. She was having great difficulty manipulating the stairs to the outside world...

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"Waterfowling at the Pits II"

Private Teal Hunting Leases

As far as the hunt went, we were skeptical to start the day based on the weather and water conditions. Ice and skim ice on 90% of the pond and no wind. The temperature was 25 degrees at shooting time, so rather than try to keep a hole clear and use what little wind there was, we decided to use the largest open spot...

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