Sun, Jun 26th, 2022

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"Mike's Deer Hunt"

Trophy Whitetail Buck

It was my first trip to this farm. I took the week off from work to hunt the pre rut, and started hunting on a Monday. Through the aerial photos provided, and some quick scouting the first day, I hung a set in a natural funnel with plenty of thick cover and great deer sign.

I saw this deer the first time on Tuesday afternoon with a young 10 point, but could only get him in to about 70 yards. After that sighting, it was a "cat and mouse" game. I moved my stand about 30 yards and had another encounter with the buck on Wednesday afternoon, but this time he was preoccupied with a doe and not as responsive to the calling. The doe came by at 60 yards, and he followed right in her footsteps. Thursday brought thunderstorms all day.

I made another 30 yard move with my stand and hunted from dawn until dusk. Well, not quite dusk. The rain finally let up about two hours before dark, and the deer really started to move. I first spotted the young 10 point at about 150 yards on the edge of the CRP, and this buck was approximately 20 yards behind him. A couple grunts and snort-wheeze, and he charged across the CRP field to within 25 yards. He stopped broadside, and I released. The 2 inch 2-blade Rage did the trick. He ran approximately 50 yards before crashing. I gave him about 30 minutes, then I climbed down to retrieve my trophy. I could not have been happier. This was my second hunting trip on HSP land, and my first on this farm, a great property. He weighed 195lbs field dressed and gross scored just over 150' P&Y even with the 3 inches broken off the left G3.

Thanks for everything.


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