Sun, Jun 26th, 2022

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"Another Monster"

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The first picture was taken through a window screen. Gives a good idea of what I saw through the scope at 230 yards as he trotted broadside to me through a semi-wooded pasture area. I whistled once. He stopped for a couple seconds in heavy brush. No shot. He started again with nose to ground trailing a doe. I whistled again. This time he stopped with his shoulder right behind a big tree. No shot. He started again. He was in full rut...full of steam. My last chance was now. I whistled loudly a third time. He stopped again, in the clear this time. He looked toward me and I saw his spread, "well wider than his ears." Horn mass looked good even at that distance. "Hey, he looked really nice!" But is he Boone & Crockett quality? "MAYBE!" I had just a second to decide! The old Weaver 4x crosshairs were perfectly placed. Uncle Jim's 1950 vintage Winchester Model 70...270 solidly rested on a strand of barbed wire as I sat on the ground. The moment of truth was here. Instinct took over.


It was a classic spine/shoulder hit-- his 280lb bulk dropped like a rock and never moved. And I knew --once again - that I was TRULY A HELLUVA MAN!!!!!!!! (As if there was ever any doubt!) MISSOURI is fantastic!! I'm totally spoiled! My hunt lasted a total of 7 hours and I saw 7 bucks!

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