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"First Deer Hunts with a Bow in Kansas, MO"

Whitetail Deer Hunting Lease Kansas Missouri

It finally was that time of year for the annual family bow hunt. My dad, brother, and I head north for a couple days of bow hunting. The trip started off good seeing a lot of deer but nothing close enough to shoot.

As the days passed we kept seeing deer and my dad was seeing a couple different bucks that he wouldn't shoot. I said to him that I would shoot any of those bucks because I have never killed a buck with my bow. Being the dad that he is he gave me his stand. The first evening I sat there I saw one of the nice bucks that my dad was seeing but it stayed about 60 yards away and I never got a shot.

The next morning I climbed into my dad's stand again. It was the last morning we got to hunt then we had to head home. I didn't see a single deer all morning but at 8:50 that all changed. I looked up and at 75 yards I could see a monster. The deer came straight to the tree at 12 yards. The deer gave me a wide open shot. I buried a Rage broad head in his rib cage...

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"Crazy Deer Season"

Whitetail Deer Hunting Lease Missouri

What a crazy 2011 deer season I had. It started in early November, bow hunting in our Kansas hideaway. Thirty-six hours into our trip, I had a big 157 inch, heavy framed deer, with four stickers, on the ground...

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"Jamie's Buck"

Whitetail Deer Hunting Lease Missouri

I had scouted this property and bow hunted it for 4 or 5 days prior to the rifle season. I had seen some good rubs, (4 or 5 inch diameter trees rubbed) and had seen some early scraping activity as well.

During the bow season, I had...

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