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Prices for Regular Memberships
Purchased in 2020


Annual Dues

Daily Land Use Fees

Head of Household /
Primary Member

$1397* + tax


*Annual Dues payment options

(once per year)


(twice per year)


(four times per year)


(twelve times per year)


** $7 service charge included in above for each extra payment per year. Members who pay installments are still required to complete paying a full years dues, before leaving HSP, to keep it fair and equal to all members. Being allowed to pay installments is an accommodation to those members who appreciate making their membership more affordable for their family budget.

Initiation (setup) Fee:
  Pay only $295 if full 1st Year dues paid when join
  Or Pay $395 if 1/2 of 1st Year dues paid when join
  Or Pay $495 if 1/4th of 1st Year dues paid when join
  Or Pay $595 if 1/12th of 1st Year dues paid when join


Loyalty Plan:

Or Loyalty Plan has valuable benefits which will reward you for up to 7 years.
The one time cost is $799 plus tax, available only with purchase of membership, and payable at the time you join. Benefits include the following:

1. Dues will be exempt from increase and locked in at the starting rate for 7 years, and the $799 you pay upfront can be applied to your 8th year of dues once your 7 year is paid in full.

2. Dues can be paid in convenient installments monthly, quarterly, semi annually, or annually after the 1st year of dues are paid in full. (see amounts above)

3. Credit will be available to Loyalty Plan members if approved in advance.


Annual Dues

Daily Land Use Fees

Qualified Family Dependents
of Member

Regular dependents as defined by the IRS. Unlimited daily and annual use allowed when with member.


$5 fishing, $15 all hunting except deer & turkey (GUN) & $20 deer & turkey (GUN), or daily fee for fee land only.

Non-Dependent Daily Guests

Subject to daily limits per party or 3 day annual limits per person.


STANDARD daily land use fee per guest

$20 fishing and camping
$40 all hunting except deer & turkey (gun)
$60 deer & turkey (gun)

Optional Floating Guest Membership

Primary member owns and controls use. Allows unlimited visits per year, per person (can only be used by one person per day). Floating guest must go & stay with the primary member. Each member can own up to two floating guest memberships. Popular Option!


No daily fees for use of non-fee land. Regular land use fees for use of fee land only.

Daily fees are payable on or before date reservations are made. We require a deposit of funds on account or a credit/debit card charge or ACH bank draft authorization to pay guest fees when reservations are made.

No refunds of daily fees if a reservation is not used and not cancelled before 8:30AM of date reserved. Member making reservation is responsible for payment of all daily use fees due for all other parties included.

Explanation of fee land (non-traditional daily fee lease) and non-fee land (traditional annual lease).

Fee land is for payment of land use to the owner for HSP use of their land. HSP never charges extra to a full member for his or her personal use of any land, regardless of lease type (fee or non-fee land). HSP absorbs the cost which is covered by the members' annual dues. We charge a reduced daily rate for qualified dependents only for their use of non-fee land, and we charge dependents the landowner's daily fee for their use of fee land.

HSP does not charge floating guest members the standard daily fees for their use of non-fee land, but we do charge floating guests the landowner's daily fee for their use of fee land.

All prices shown above are subject to an additional cost for MO state sales tax.

Financing available through Pay Pal with credit approval.

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