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Frequently Asked Questions

(How The Club Works)

How Often Can I Use The Land?

Can I take guests?

How can I be sure I am the only hunter on the land?

Does the clubs reservation system work like a timeshare?

Are there Seniority or Preferred members in the Club?

Can someone reserve a hot property now, for the peak seasons before I join?

Will other members be on the same property or section that I reserved?

How many days can I reserve the same farm for deer gun season?

How will I know if there is any game on a particular farm?

What if there is an emergency while I am hunting?

What will I get for referring other people to the club?

I read that there are 100-200 acres per active member, am I restricted to that amount?

Will I see the landowner?

Can I advertise and sell my membership if I no longer want it?


Yes, you can openly and publicly advertise your Membership for sale if you no longer want or need it. This has always been our policy. We don't believe it is fair to members if they invest their money in a membership, but are prohibited from advertising and selling it. While members often sell memberships to people who were going to buy one from the club, we aren't going to penalize our members because we are greedy and want to block out fair competition. If a member wants to put forth an effort to recover their investment, we support them. Members may not advertise selling their membership on any official HSP websites or social platforms. For example, you are welcome to put your membership up for sale on your own personal Facebook profile, but you may not post it for sale on the HSP Facebook page.

Can club rules be changed after I join?

Do I qualify for membership in HSP?

Is the land in Quality Deer Management?

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