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Private Turkey Hunting Land - Kansas Missouri Iowa Illinois

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Why Join Hunting Sports Plus?

Is exclusive use of land important to you?

Of course it is! Why else would you spend your hard earned cash to join a hunting club?

When we say EXCLUSIVE we mean it! You will absolutely NEVER be expected to share your land with anyone that you didn't invite.

Do you want to get the use of all the land that you are paying for?

Hunting Sports Plus will never favor one member over another. You will get equal access to every single acre that we have under lease!

Do you want to take your family and friends hunting and fishing?

When you buy a regular membership ALL of your dependents can usually hunt with you for FREE*! Friends are welcome as well! Each of your friends may hunt with you up to three days a year for a profoundly low daily fee -OR- you can get a guest membership for half the price of a regular membership and bring a different guest EVERY TIME you hunt for no guest fee*!

*Daily land use fees, if any, still apply.

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