Mon, Aug 20th, 2018

Turkey Hunting - Missouri Kansas Iowa Illinois - Private Hunting
Private Turkey Hunting Land - Kansas Missouri Iowa Illinois

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Map Samples

Here's an example of the kind of accurate detail we offer that you won't find with any other club!

Maps are higher quality/resolution for members, information that could be used to identify the actual location of the property below has been "smudged" out to protect our landowners and existing members.

You will never find yourself lost or guessing where the boundaries are ever again, hunt with confidence!

Directions Maps

All properties have a page detailing the actual location of the property (above).

Aerial Photo

All properties have color satelite/aerial photos (above).

Topo Map

All properties have color topographical maps (above).

Actual Photo of the Property

Some properties even have color photos taken from the ground (above).

GPS Points

All properties have a list of GPS points that correspond with the aerial photo (above).

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