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Private Turkey Hunting Land - Kansas Missouri Iowa Illinois

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The reason why our prices aren't shown.

We don't have a set price,
because members have different needs.

It is our belief that one size
of membership doesn't fit all hunters.

Your membership cost for new members joining November 1, 2011 and after will be determined by your planned use of the club, based on the following:

What game you want to hunt for?
What states you want to hunt in?
What methods (weapons) do your want to use for your hunting?
How many dependents will accompany you?
How many guests will you have per day, and per year?
How many "hunting man days" do you plan to use club land per year, for each type of game in each state?
Will you be fishing on our property?
Will you be camping on our property?

Once you provide us with your specific needs, we can give you a firm cost quote, which is customized to your specific needs, and can be adjusted as your needs change from year to year.

Financing Available!

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